Kirkwood Mall businesses, shoppers make up for lost time after Christmas blizzard

BISMARCK, N.D. - Some businesses and shoppers, and Kirkwood mall in general, have been having problems this year, especially due to winter storms during big holiday shopping days.

After being closed Monday, the mall reopened their doors Tuesday, which kept shoppers and business owners on their feet, making up for lost time.

"We opened at 12 noon today, and the mall, as you can tell, has been very very busy, very active. I think everyone wants to get some of those Christmas bargains, do any returns they may have, etc. We were lucky. We have a great snow removal team and got into the parking lot and got everything cleared out for us,” said Joe Duperre, Kirkwood Mall general manager.

To stay updated on the mall closures you can go to their website or contact Joe Duperre at 701-223-3500