Hurricanes may not be to blame for gas price hike in N.D.

BISMARCK, N.D. - Powerful hurricanes are giving southern states a one-two punch, and nationwide, people are paying for it at the pump.

Hurricane Harvey’s walloping knocked out eight gulf refineries, spiking gas prices nearly 30 cents a gallon.

But, in North Dakota, prices could be up for a different reason entirely.

“Anytime the gas company knows there’s going to be a big travel weekend, it’s a good indication that there’s going to be a little bit of an increase” said Shell gas station attendant Geoffrey Nelson

According to AAA, Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest driving weekends of the year. On top that, North Dakota’s gasoline supply is pretty self-contained.

“We’re continuing to just produce our normal run rates of right around 74,000 barrels a day, really no change up here for us, we’re putting as much gasoline as we can in the market,” said Ron Day, government and public affairs officer for Andeavor.

Andeavor, says they do get some oil from the gulf but not enough to effect market prices.

According to AAA, North Dakota gas prices are still about 10 cents cheaper than the national average.