God's Child Project helps hurricane victims

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BISMARCK, N.D. - North America has been inundated with natural disasters the past two weeks-from back to back hurricanes to a massive earthquake.

Bismarck may be thousands of miles away from the devastated regions, but residents and organizations are doubling their efforts to help victims.

The past two weeks have brought a barrage of crises across North America.

"Besides the Missouri River Flood here, which the god's child project really helped out with here, it's kind of unimaginable to lose everything you have and go through all of that," said Hannah Tollefsrud, community engagement specialist for The God's Child Project.

The non-profit organization The God's Child project usually focuses its efforts in Guatemala, where it supports orphans and mothers.

This week, they're changing gears.

"So we've been collecting donations, and this week we're going to send them all, where we would normally send them to Guatemala, we're going to send them all to Texas," said Tollefsrud​.

Mountains of clothing lay in the storage room, and boxes of quilts are all ready to be shipped.

The God's Child Project is planning to help victims of Hurricane Irma, as well as repair efforts in Guatemala.

"Medical supplies, linens, towels, kind of everything," said Tollefsrud​​.​

Across town... the Hower family out of Wilton are collecting supplies for Harvey victims as well.

"We're doing clothes, and toilet paper, and food, and all that," said Jenna Hower.

They'll be driving this truck down to Texas... driving through neighborhoods to personally pass supplies out.

Hoping to better the lives of people miles away from home.

Robert Scheel is also assisting The GOD'S CHILD Project.

He has offered to match all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $ 100,000.