Glen Ullin awaits health officials OK to lift water boil order

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GLEN ULLIN, N.D. - A state health department test could help lift a water boil order for the city of Glen Ullin by Friday. The order was issued Monday by the city emergency manager after a mouse was found in the city's drinking water storage tank.

The city continues to follow the water boil order after a mouse was found in the distribution tank Monday. The city emergency manager says the tank's 85,000 gallons of water have been emptied, sanitized and the tank refilled, awaiting clearance by the State Health Department.

"We're hoping by we'll have a good test result that way we can open those tanks up," said Albert Lautenschlager, city emergency manager.

The Red Cross handed out bottled water to citzens, the school district and the Marion Manor nursing home Tuesday. Convenience stores in town sold out.

"It isn't affecting any of the treatments we have. Anything we need water for we've got ample drinking water there. And for meals we are boiling water for doing the regular water technique, said Sandy Gerving, administrator for the Marion Manor Nursing Home.

The Glen Ullin School District has resorted to extra precautions to protect students, but school lets out after this week and school won't find water issues a long-term challenge.

"We didn't want someone to accidentally drink the water from the water fountain. So we put black bags over the water fountains and we provided along with the Red Cross, who we are grateful for, bottled water," said Glen Ullin School Superintendent John Barry.

Lautenschlager says there have been no confirmed illnesses caused by the contaminated water.

The city must wait 24 hours for the outcome of the water test once the sample is taken.