Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Groomaroo

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MINOT, N.D. - Grooming your pet is essential for their health and well-being.

In this week's don't buy it, until we try it I try a product that claims make grooming your four legged friend easy and cost friendly.

Having fur balls all over your floors after grooming your pet is not pleasant. however, the Groomaroo claims to keep that mess in check. But as always I had to see if its claims were true, so I headed over to the Souris Valley Animal shelter to test it out.

First we tried it on bugs the cat and he wasn't exactly impressed.

"The cat that we used was a pretty easy-going cat that was not happy to be groomed by it and i don't know if it was the buzzing and the package says it was messaging but I don't really see a cat enjoying it," said Justin Anderson, community outreach coordinator.
Then we tried the Groomaroo on Buddy, and he was not impressed either.
"He seemed also very skeptical of the product, he did not really enjoy it all that much so at that point after trying it with these two animals I really didn't think much of it," said Anderson.

But third times the charm, and we found a match.

"Sam...well Sam, he seemed to enjoy it. It actually help loosen up some of his fur, coming off on me now and really around his neck where I did it's softer and easier to scratch and I think it really did a good job and Sam enjoyed it," said Anderson.

We found that long-haired animals have an easier time with the Groomaroo and even though

Sam really enjoyed it, this device didn't have enough positives.

"I think overall I would have to say a thumbs down but for certain animals it could be enjoyable and helpful," said Anderson.

The Groomaroo sells for about $25, and Sam and Bugs are available for adoption.