Donated IV poles give children an outlet during treatment

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BISAMRCK, N.D. - It can be difficult for a five-year-old to sit still for long periods of time. It's even harder when kids get medical treatment. Thanks to a donation to Sanford Children's Hospital, patients won't have to deal with that problem.

Carson Geitzen is a five-year-old being treated at Sanford Children's Hospital in Bismarck. Like any youngster, he loves to play, even with other people's toys

Sanford Children's Hospital accepted a donation of six new lily pads that will let kids like Carson to be treated without interrupting playtime. These IV poles allow children to sit and ride on them, meaning they can take their treatment on the go. Carson's mom Rachel says this will help her son during his treatment.

“He likes to be active in the hallways. I think this will definitely be nice to get out and move around,” said Rachel.

Carson can be in the hospital up to six hours. Nicole Christian, the nurse manager at Sanford Children's Hospital, says the new IV poles add more than mobility.

“It certainly brightens their spirits, you know getting out of their room and being able to ride instead of walking along the IV pole, so that always brings smiles when they can take a ride,” said Christian.

A ride that will one day lead out of the hospital. The IV poles were donated by Cooper Automotive.