Civil Air Patrol returns to Mandan after week in Houston

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After a week of working 12 hour shifts in Houston, the North Dakota wing of the Civil Air Patrol returned to Mandan Monday.

The crew was helping FEMA by taking photographs from the air of flooded areas in southeast Texas.

Commander John Steiner says the disaster is so widespread Houston units don't have enough manpower to work alone.

Thousands of CAP volunteers stationed in Houston were displaced.

Aircrews will be provided imagery of chemical and hazardous waste issues and recorded damage to key infrastructure throughout the Houston area.​

"You could tell the houses that had a lot of damage because all of their property was out on the burm. They had been cleaning up and trying to get rid of it. Most of the water, except in the very low lying areas, has receded or gone away," said Wing Commander John Steiner.

The crews also photographed the amount of waste put on people's curbs to help in determine the amount of loss at each home.