Central Campus bomb threat causes a stir

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MINOT, N.D. - A bomb threat at Central Campus was called in this afternoon causing quit a stir throughout the community.

We spoke with worried parents, nervous students, the district and Minot Police about the chaotic day.

A normal school day at Central Campus turned sour when a bomb threat was called in early this afternoon.

"Principal was saying stay in the classroom wait 'til they announce other stuff everyone's freaking out," Sebastian Cortes​, Central Campus Sophomore.

"I didn't hear the initial announcement but they made a second one about evacuating and everyone was just kind of freaking out. Everyone inside there, it might seem like it's going to be really loud because there's a ton of kids but it's really quiet. It's really unsettling that something like this happened to us," said Chloe Carlson​, Central Campus freshman.

Students were evacuated to nearby churches then the Minot Auditorium and while the overwhelming silence took over the airwaves inside, nervous conversation from the parents waiting outside was hard to miss.

"Everybody was a little nervous in line and kind of not sure what was going on but yea quite relieved now," Beverly Ault, parent.

"I thought it was a little more serious when they started taking the children out of the school. So that's when the concern set in a little bit more," said John Carlson, parent.

Though it is still unknown who made the call about the bomb threat the district said they followed procedure to ensure everyone's safety.

"That's why we have plans in place because you certainly wouldn't want to be creating those on the fly, in the heat of the moment. Sp, by all accounts, our staff at central campus-our administration- followed that plan to a T," said Minot School District Assistant Superintendent Kim Slotsve.

Minot Police responded to the scene a little after noon, securing the area and checking in and every nook and cranny for any signs of a threat.

"We did a systematic search of Central Campus. We contacted the US Air Force and requested mutual aid from their canine bomb detecting dogs," said Dale Plessas, Minot Bomb Squad commander.

Though nothing was found the scare shook the entire community..encourgaing everyone to act quickly for the safety of all involved.

The district says the building will be closed for the remainder of the day and evening.

School will begin at it's regular time tomorrow with extra police presence in the vicinity.