Celebrating the first day of spring

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's the day a lot of North Dakotans have been waiting for, Spring officially started, and people celebrated in the Bismarck Mandan area in a variety of ways.

People we talked to today said they were happy with the warmer weather, whether they were on or off the clock.

Sweeping away winter's damage is how Jim Hager spent the first day of spring.

"We'll be sweeping for a good month, you know we have close to 400 miles of road to sweep," said Jim Hager, City of Bismarck operator.

This week, road crews are also patching pot holes and sealing cracks in the roads. Hager says he prefers the Spring and Summer work, and thinks others are also happy about Spring.

"Everybody wants to see the sun shine and get the warmer weather. It's that time of year," said Hager.

Some residents took advantage of the day's weather on the bike and walking trails by the river. And, there were other ways to celebrate.

"The first day of Spring is a great day to celebrate with a free, small vanilla ice cream cone," said Dolly Dakota, Mandan Dairy Queen manager.

By the end of the day, Dakota expects close to 1,000 customers to stop by for a free Spring treat. She says people appear to be happy spring is in the air.

"Now we can look forward to being outside and doing activities outside and after those activities, stopping in for more ice cream," said Dakota.

But, we have to wait a while longer for those warmer spring days.

"Just over the next two or three months, probably looking at a cool and wet Spring overall, not everyday but overall," said Kevin Lawrence, KFYR-TV chief meteorologist.

This week we can expect temperatures to stay in the 40s and this weekend, possibly back in the low 50s.

Other Dairy Queens do the free cone promotion for the first day of Spring.