Bovine Connection Seminar brought back to help ranchers stay ahead

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CULBERTSON, MONT. - In years past, the Bovine Connection was a popular seminar in the region. While it fell by the wayside, it was brought back Tuesday in Culbertson, Mont.

Between farmers and ranchers, the ag industry has taken a hit in recent years.

"Price of beef, the cattle industry, has gone down quite a bit in the last couple years, so we're just trying to get a grip back on what reality is." said rancher Dave Friedrich.

To help ranchers stay ahead of the game, NDSU and Montana State University ag agents brought back the Bovine connection.

"Bovine connection is an Educational opportunity for ranchers in our area to get together and communicate about their operation and to learn some of the newest updates and changes in the cattle industry," said NDSU Extension Agent Danielle Steinhoff.

The event was popular for a long time, before being discontinued five years ago.

"I've got to a few, one in Williston, one in Sidney over the years, and all very informative," said Friedrich.

This year, ag agents from both sides of the border teamed up to bring the event back.

"We were really excited when we started talking about this last spring, there was a lot of interests among the neighboring agents," said Jeffrey Chilson, MSU Extension Agent.

The snow and wind didn't stop more than 40 people from coming to event.

"Considering the weather and the storm system that moved in yesterday, I'm really excited at the turnout. We got people from Glasgow, we got people from WIlliston," said Chilson.

Topics ranged from new cuts of beef on the market to culling to new VFD regulations.

If you missed Tuesday's seminar, contact your local NDSU or MSU ag agent for more information.