Bismarck residents share their New Year's resolutions

BISMARCK, ND - Residents of Bismarck are excited to bring in the New Year, where they will try to keep their 2017 resolutions.

Mattie Hjelseth walked around Kirkwood Mall and asked people what their New Years Resolutions are and how they plan to keep them.

"I would have to say my New Years Resolution is to wake up at a normal hour of the day. I'm going to set my alarm clock now instead of letting my mom yell at me," says Alek Petney, Bismarck resident.

"My New Years Resolution is to work harder this year for the stuff that I didn't have last year," says Dustin Pice, Florida resident.

"To finish my nursing school. Get good grades," says Ivette Moreno, Florida Resident.

"My New Years Resolution is to try to get a little healthier, lose some weight, which is typical of everybody. But just try to give a smile and get one back. Every time you give a smile, hopefully you get one back and that person will go give another smile and everybody will feel better," says Denise Wentzstein, Bismarck resident.

"Our New Years Resolution is to keep going to the gym and we are going to do it together," says Alexis Meier and Trevor Stavig, Bismarck residents.

"I think I need to take more time on my friendships with some friends from out of state and not as close as I'd like them to be. How I'm going to keep it, defiantly call them more. That's one thing we don't do to much is actually getting on the phone and call. I think I'll do that more, and I do like the Skype method too so, maybe that," says Lisa Bonogofsky, Flasher resident.