Bismarck Public Works working hard to clear snow

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Public Works Department has been working hard to clean and widen the streets in the city.

The snow removal crews have been hauling multiple loads to and from dump sites in the area. The sites are located in four corners of the city that aren't open for public use.

"For those contractors and people who are looking for places to dump snow, our dump sights are closed to them because we need to conserve those for all the snow that we have to haul. For a matter of scale, last night we hauled 1,600 loads out of downtown Fifth Street and Sixth Street, and we aren't even done with those two streets. There is a tremendous amount of snow that I need to haul out all over town, not just in the downtown, so I need to hold onto those sights," says Jeff Heintz, Public Works Director.

Heintz recommends you to ask your friends or family if you need to dump your snow.