Bismarck Public Schools prepare new teachers for upcoming year

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BISMARCK, N.D. - There is only a short time left until school is back in session.

Every year brings fresh faces including new teachers; and as students are packing their backpacks, new teachers are preparing for that crucial first day.

"It's nerve racking. And I think that's something you find with everybody. It's kind of that nervous energy," said Mikayla Schuette, a new teacher at Northridge Elementary School.

Students aren't the only ones who get first-day butterflies.

Bismarck Public Schools administrators are holding a three day orientation so that new teachers can hit the ground running.

"We don't want to be like the old days where a teacher was given their keys, pointed to their room, and said go ahead and good luck. Now we really want to make sure that we help our teachers feel like they're really ready," said Lisa Kudelka , BPS human resources manager.

Teachers are schooled on parent relationships, classroom management, evaluations, and more.

"It's the unknown about a new job that makes us nervous," said Kudelka.

Some teachers say that with the help of the orientation, that nervous feeling has turned into excitement.

"All of these teenagers who are mostly willing to just jump into things and it's always an adventurous ride. Everyday is different," said Nick Hornbacher, an English teacher at Legacy High School.

"I'm just so excited to just start the dream that I've always had," said Schuette.

Tuesday, teachers will be learning about how to tackle the first day of school and classroom setup.

Bismarck Public Schools is welcoming about 50 news teachers this school year.