Army Corps of Engineers says they don't expect snow melt to cause flooding this year

BISMARCK, N.D. - Our snowfall this season is already ahead of the amount Bismarck and Mandan had when the cities flooded in 2011.

And that's raising concerns among many people living along the Missouri River.

The Army Corps of Engineers and the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division talked about flooding concerns Monday.

The Missouri River flooding has been a concern in the past, but this year might be something different. Although we've been getting a lot of snow, the Corps doesn't expect the melting to cause problems with flooding this year.

"There is always though the threat of ice jam flooding. We've had that issue in the Bismarck area back in 2009. We will be working closely with the state and the National Weather Service. We will do what we can to reduce that flood risk with ice jam," says Jody Farhat, Corps of Engineer.

Even though Farhat doesn't expect flooding in the area, she does want people in Bismarck to stay alert, because flooding can happen unexpectedly.