After a life-threatening accident, North Dakota Stockman's Association rallies behind Linton rancher

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LINTON, N.D.- North Dakota's Ag community comes together whenever a farmer or rancher needs help.

A farming accident in June put Doug Bichler in the hospital. With a long recovery ahead, as well as a newborn baby at home, the Stockman's Association came out to help one of their own.

"Most of us forget how good people are," said Doug Bichler, as volunteers flocked to his ranch. "There's so many people that are coming. People that I've never even met before, it's just amazing."

Friends, family and even strangers came out to Doug's Linton ranch to help mend fences, replace stock tanks and other maintenance he needs. A farming accident in June led to Doug's right arm being amputated. He described the experience.

"The baler actually started to pull my arm in a little bit more and I decided that I justI wasn't going to die, I had too much to live for and I somehow pulled my arm out," said Doug.

The North Dakota Stockman's Association helped organize the event. Volunteers came ready to work.

"We've got about 15 different projects going on right now. Everything from setting posts to building a chicken coop so a lot of different things, a lot of different projects that needed to be done," said volunteer and North Dakota Stockman's Association member Lowell Malard

The turnout was overwhelming for the family.

"All these people are dropping everything they have going on for two days to be here with us just to do maintenance work," said Doug's wife Maria Bichler. "You almost feel undeserving in a way. You know, what did we do to deserve having all these people help us."

But, a welcome sight as the Bichler's try to adjust to their new life.

The volunteers will be back on Saturday to continue with the work. The family has also set up a donation page for Doug's medical expenses.