Ad-hoc committee discusses working with Ward County to tackle Minot's nuisance weeds

MINOT, N.D. - An ad-hoc committee in Minot aimed at tackling the city's nuisance weeds problem is discussing efforts to form a closer relationship with the Ward County Weed Board.

The committee formed after Minot residents voiced concerns last summer over a rash of foxtail barley weeds taking over parts of the town and making animals sick.

The committee members were considering recommending to the Minot City Council the formation of a city weed board, however the committee is now leaning towards adding a paid position to the county's weed board to work with county experts to clear up the city's excess weeds.

“I think there would be a tremendous opportunity to work with the Ward County Weed Board. The assets they have, the knowledge that they already have, the different policies they already have in place to, I think, get the most bang for our buck,” said Shaun Sipma, committee member and alderman.

The committee is also considering tweaking city ordinances to let property owners of empty fields let farmers use their land to develop alfalfa and hay, providing them with feed and knocking down the weeds in the process.

The committee will meet again next Tuesday, Jan. 16 at noon in the Minot City Council chambers.