92nd annual Sauerkraut Day draws a crowd in Wishek

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WISHEK, N.D. - Today was the 92nd annual sauerkraut day in Wishek, N.D.

People were lined up out the door waiting to get served the famous Sauerkraut meal.

"Oh, the food is awesome. You can't go wrong with sauerkraut and wieners. That's like meal ever for an authentic German like myself," said Bismarck resident Kelsey Schulz.

Even if you weren't from Wishek, everybody came down to enjoy some Sauerkraut.

"We usually feed around anywhere from a thousand to twelve hundred people, but you just really never know," said Kelly Brown, organizer.

High school students even played German music while people lined up to get a plate or two.

"Wonderful! German music, that's where we were born and raised in the German countries," said Bismarck resident Myrna Schedel.

After the free sauerkraut meal, businesses around town opened there doors to offer dessert.

People left the town of Wishek with smiles on their faces and full bellies.

A few of the residents say they can't wait for next year’s event!