Minot State University president talks budget cuts

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Minot, N.D. - Due to the state's budget shortfall all state agencies have had to find places to trim, including Minot State University.

This morning Dr. Shirley spoke at the school year's first Democracy Cafe about the decisions that were made to cut the budget and how that affected the school.

He said that in February the school cut $2 million of the $45 million biennium budget that started July 1st of 2015. Then again in August another $1.5 million had to be cut, much of that coming from open positions, deferred maintenance and reduced salary increases.

“It's obviously been an interesting year for us with some of the situations going on as far as the state financial picture. We've had a lot of decisions to make over the last 6 months or so and we've gotten through most of those and our main focus has been to minimize the impact our students feel in the classroom and on the campus” MSU President Dr. Steven Shirley said.

Democracy Cafe is an open discussion that meets every few weeks at Broadway Bean and Bagel.

A new state legislative session starts in January and a new fiscal biennium will start July 1 2017. All state agencies have been asked to come up with budgets for that biennium at 90% of their current spending.