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Reporter/West Dakota FOX Anchor

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Hello! My name is Molly, and I'm very excited to be in the great state of North Dakota, which according to Yelp, is one of two Dakotas.

I hail from right outside Washington D.C., where I developed a love for politics at a young age. I spent a summer working on the hill, learning the ins and outs of our system of government.

My TV career began in high school, with a cable access talk show that only my grandma watched.

During my college years at American University, I worked as a web reporter for NBC Washington, covering restaurant openings, protests, and other things my grandma found interesting.

After graduation, I moved to Montreal, Canada for a year where I worked as a correspondent for a music podcast.

I then packed my bags for Europe, and became an elementary school English teacher in Paris, France. The kids were adorable, and very bad at English, which I now realize was probably my fault.

When my VISA ran up, I moved to San Francisco, California. There, I worked as a web producer for KRON 4 News, before accepting a writing job at KPIX 5.

While in San Francisco, I met the love of my life.
It's the oatmeal cookie ice-cream sandwich called It's-It. Forget the bridge and Alcatraz, go to San Francisco just to eat one.

I left the Bay Area to pursue my dream of being a reporter, which landed me here in Bismarck. I'm extremely excited to be here, and am grateful for the wonderful people I've met so far.

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