Nick Amatangelo


Hello Williston! I’m excited to be here bringing you the news!

Hello Williston! I’m excited to be here bringing you the news!

I was born and raised in a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois where I grew up with my two wonderful parents.

Throughout middle and high school, I developed an undying love for history (and I’ll be honest, I still have that to this day). I had every intention of becoming a high school history teacher when I first attended Loyola University Chicago in 2010, but “fate” had other ideas.

After reading an article in Loyola’s school newspaper my freshman year, I decided to join a television sports show that Loyola was just starting up. I didn’t know a thing about broadcasting, I just knew that I loved watching Loyola and national sports.

What I found at the “Rambler Sports Locker” was a new passion in my life for journalism. My sophomore year saw me writing for the school newspaper, appearing on the school’s radio station and continuing to work for the television sports show. Internships at WSB TV in Atlanta, Georgia and WGN in Chicago only reinforced this new-found passion and led me to becoming a journalism major my junior year of college (I still finished with a history degree as well).

My experiences through the paper and sports show brought me to the 2014 “Arch” Madness basketball tournament in St. Louis and the 2014 NCAA Men’s Volleyball championship in Chicago. I won state-wide awards for my writing in the paper.

I graduated from Loyola in May of 2014 and defected from sports when I discovered a passion for the news. I’m ready and eager to hit the ground running here in Williston. If you have any story ideas, feel free to reach out to my email ( or through my twitter @NickAmatangelo

When not bringing you the news, you’ll find me obsessing over the Chicago Blackhawks and Green Bay Packers, trying to pick up the guitar or kicking back and watching the newest Game of Thrones episode as I wait for the next book to be published.

Thanks for Watching!


NBC News Headlines

Jury awards transgender professor $1.1 million in discrimination case

A federal jury ruled in favor of a transgender professor, Rachel Tudor, whose tenure and promotion was denied at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Judge permanently blocks Trump sanctuary cities order

A federal judge says Trump cannot set new conditions on spending approved by Congress.

Whitefish Energy 'standing down' in Puerto Rico over $83M bill

The company said that outstanding invoices with Puerto Rico's power agency have "made it impossible to continue" its work rebuilding the island's battered electrical grid.

Pilot killed after USAF training jet crashes in Texas

The pilots were assigned to Laughlin Air Force Base, west of San Antonio, when their Talon T-38 jet crashed Monday afternoon.

South Carolina wants to execute a man but has no drugs

It's been six years since South Carolina carried out a lethal injection. Will Bobby Wayne Stone be next?