Minot-area women's coalition celebrates anniversary, tackles human trafficking

The group celebrated their first anniversary with a special lunch and presentation.

There can be many benefits for a student graduating high school to join the National Guard, but there can also be a lot of misconceptions.

Kelsey Jackson just sent her six-year-old son back to school.

It's not easy to wake up every morning and jump on a bicycle for weeks on end, but that's exactly what Chris Register is doing.

Planting pear trees in ND

Social service workers, day care providers talk licensing process

Pledge of Allegiance opt-out stirs controversy for school district

City Brew opening Bismarck location

Bismarck Food Truck Festival returns

Don’t Buy It Until We Try It: Engrave It Pro

Williston School District introduces two student resource officers

Centennial 2nd grade teacher has had "Love" for teaching for 32 years

Korean War vet awarded Purple Heart after 66 years

Families affected by August tornado work with Farm Rescue to restore land

Army Corps of Engineers confirms there is no written easement for Dakota Access Pipeline construction on Corps property

Styled by a Child working for women’s issues

Two nuns stabbed to death in Mississippi, killer on the loose

City of Bismarck introduces enhanced property search information

New study finds medical marijuana saves taxpayers money

Williston City Administrator position narrowed down to 3 finalists

NDDOT taking public input on Highway 2 construction

Williston Police, Fire Departments compete for bragging rights during annual softball game

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Park Worker Plunges to Death at Yellowstone Cliff

The park concession employee from Quito, Ecuador, was with a group of coworkers when she tumbled from the edge of the canyon.

Tropical System Could Make Fight Against Zika Harder

Zika is primarily spread through the Aedes mosquito, known as a "container-breeding" bug because it likes to lay eggs in or near standing water.

Suspect Charged in Killing of 2 Mississippi Nuns

Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, was charged with two counts of capital murder

Major Atlantic Storm Close to Landfall in Florida

The storm that has been on a path to the southern tip of Florida is close to making landfall. This weather system could cause major problems for the s

Cop's Badge Deflects Bullet, Saves Life in Shooting

"We work so hard for that badge ... never imagining that our badge is going to save our life," said California Highway Patrol officer Steve Carapia.