Popular ride-share service 'Lyft' coming to Bismarck, other ND cities

In a statement, Lyft says this is their biggest launch to date.

After Wednesday's 2 p.m. deadline to vacate, officers arrested 10 protesters outside the camp gates.

Construction on the project is expected to begin after the new airport opens.

MSU Life students teamed up with Pride Minot Wednesday evening to host the first drag show at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall.

Demolition process begins on Peace Garden Towers

Dozens of people remain at DAPL protest camp after evacuation deadline

Behind the photo: A firefighter's past, present and future

Demolition process begins on Peace Garden Towers

House approves bill to imprison fewer, provide more treatment for addicts

10 arrested as Oceti Sakowin DAPL protest camp evacuated Wednesday

10 arrested as Oceti Sakowin DAPL protest camp evacuated Wednesday

Minot church hosts trivia battle to raise money for the community

House approves major funding for Minot flood protection projects

House approves bill to imprison fewer, provide more treatment for addicts

Democratic & Republican female senators look to tackle paid family leave

Deputy tells story of perseverance to inspire others never to give up

Potential plea deal for Trinity neurosurgeon accused of child sex crimes

Minot Main Street Minute: Velva mother-daughter duo start their own businesses

Senate votes to defund BreatheND

House votes to loosen restriction on selling homemade food

69-year-old man dies after construction site accident in Williston

Ward County Extension Service gives alternatives to raising cattle

Trump administration to issue new guidance regarding transgender student rights

Craig Cobb buys part ownership of former church in Barnes County

Senate Agriculture Committee heads gear up for first farm bill field hearing

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Inauguration Singer Evancho and Transgender Sister Ask to Meet Trump

Jackie Evancho, the "America's Got Talent" runner-up who sang the national anthem at President Donald Trump's inauguration last month, is asking the commander-in-chief to meet with her again — and this time she wants to bring her older sister Juliet, who is transgender.